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The Missoula Building Industry Association (MBIA) is a non-profit, membership-based association comprised of a wide array of individuals and companies - from builders, trade contractors, suppliers, engineers, designers and architects to lenders, insurance agents, real estate and title professionals, and a variety of other members whose businesses comprise the fabric of the Missoula building industry. More than 70 different types of businesses belong to the association. The MBIA is part of the Montana Building Industry Association, as well as the National Association of Home Builders.

The mission of the Missoula Building Industry Association is to represent and promote the building industry through advocacy, outreach, high standards, integrity, education and investment in the community in which we live and work.


The Missoula Building Industry Association holds monthly Open the Door networking events, typically hosted at one of our member's offices or showrooms, which provide a great opportunity for our members to meet fellow members and broaden their business contacts.  We organize several larger social and networking events throughout the year, highlighted by our annual golf tournament each summer.  MBIA members routinely choose to do business with and make referrals to other MBIA members.  By joining, you will be part of a powerful network of members in Missoula who believe in success through cooperation. 

Representation & Advocacy, Training & Education

The Missoula Building Industry Association is far more than just a networking organization, as we represent the building industry of Missoula at municipal, state and national meetings and conferences.  One of our most important roles is advocating on behalf of our members to ensure that the concerns of our members are heard and considered by decision makers at all levels.  The MBIA also regularly organizes a variety of training and educational opportunities for our members, so that they are able to conduct business safely and in accordance with relevant codes and regulations.  Find out more here. 

Community Service

The Missoula Building Industry Association proudly holds a solid reputation as a highly involved organization within our community. MBIA demonstrates our commitment to our community by hosting an annual Charity Auction  with the resulting funds donated to local non-profit organizations.  Our members have graciously donated their time by working with students and professors from The University of Montana to construct Student Built Houses.  We have also worked with Habitat for Humanity on various projects in Missoula, and conducted fundraisers for members of our community facing medical challenges.  In the near future, we hope to participate in the Homes for Heroes program that gives back to servicemembers who have served our country.  

No matter what your role is in the building industry, the Missoula Building Industry Association can benefit you!  Whether it is through advocacy, networking, training and education, or giving back to the community through service projects, your membership and participation will help ensure the MBIA continues serving its members and the dynamic community of Missoula.  

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