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GRIP Explained

Through the efforts of the Montana Building Industry Association and the Montana State Fund, a select insurance group of Montana BIA members has been created. The Group Rewards Insurance Program (GRIP) is available to all MBIA members and has saved participating members more than $5.5 million over the past twelve years.

GRIP members are eligible for a refund if the group's workers' compensation premiums exceed the group's expense and claim costs. If the group qualifies for a refund, each individual refund is based on individual performance and paid on a prorated, percentage basis. A poor group performance cannot affect your individual premium and you will never be required to pay more than your basic premium.

GRIP is a powerful group incentive program and a very effective performance driven system. GRIP allows you to take charge of your insurance costs by reducing lost-time accidents and providing a workplace that is both safer and in compliance with OSHA. The GRIP program is over 400 members strong and includes: contractors, lumberyards, banks, furniture store's, insurance companies and mortgage brokers just to name a few.

GRIP Offers You...

  • Free Safety Training & Certifications

  • Free Onsite Consultation

  • Free Written Safety & Health Programs

For more information or for an application contact the Montana BIA

For a list of GRIP Safety Trainings click here

Mock OSHA Inspection

Have you ever wondered if your shop or jobsite is in compliance with OSHA regulations?  Have you had a specific question about a safety situation?  Wish you had a full time safety professional to help you maintain a safe compliant workplace?

Let the Montana Building Industry GRIP Safety Service personnel educate you on what to expect.  Call us for a jobsite visit; we will help you gain a working understanding of how to better protect your crew while remaining OSHA compliant.

Examples of the value of citations:

  • Lack of fall protection – starts at $7,000 per unprotected person

  • Unsecured access ladder, not high enough above the roof line - $3,000

  • Failure to follow procedures for OSHA 300 forms – $7,000

  • Failure to abate or rectify a citable item – Up to $7,000 per day

  • Damaged power cords - $3,000

Fines are based on the severity of the violation, the size of the company, the good faith of the employer and the history of violations by the employer.  If you are interested how OSHA operates and more specifics on the procedures spelled out for compliance officers, go to and access the  A-Z Index at the top of the page.  Go to Field Operations Manual or FOM.  This 380 page document will show you what to expect if an OSHA inspector comes to visit.

Consider having the MBIA/GRIP safety personnel do a walk though on your jobsites.   Our visits are completely confidential and will help you better understand the regulations governing construction, how to be compliant, and most important how to better protect your workers. We will be traveling throughout the state beginning in May performing complimentary visits so please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to stop by and answer any questions you have.

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